Goleta Old Town Christmas Parade

Participant Hold Harmless Agreement & Waiver

By submitting the below information, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms of the 2020 Goleta Old Town Christmas Parade Hold Harmless Agreement & Waiver.


The undersigned is aware and understands that parade participants carries certain risks of injury and harm to participate and voluntarily assumes the risks of harm arising out of, or connected with, participation in the "2020 Goleta Old Town Christmas Parade".

The undersigned herby releases the Goleta Old Town Christmas Parade and the City of Goleta, their director and/or officers, their agents, contractors, associates, employees, volunteers, their heirs, executors and/or administrators of their estates, and any and all other persons and associations of said organization/event, from any and all liability of every nature, known and unknown, from all claims and causes of action that may result by reason of injury to the undersigned which has been sustained, and from any and all damages to property belonging to the undersigned that may result because of his or her participation in the 2020 Goleta Old Town Holiday Parade.

The undersigned also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Goleta Old Town Christmas Parade, the City of Goleta, and the Goleta Valley Community Center from any and all claims and demands for injury and damage to any other persons, including but not limited to parade spectators.

By completing the information below,
I agree to the 2020 Parade waiver.

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